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Snow bound is an adventure survival game where you fill the shoes of an explorer with one goal, conquer this labyrinth. The labyrinth is chocked full of dangerous slimes and spooky ghosts and only a traveller with the keenest senses will survive to the end. Warmth is your biggest asset out there in the labyrinth. A cold explorer is a dead explorer. Warmth is scattered all around in the labyrinth and sometimes you must decide whether waiting and fending of your enemies is best or running in and praying the path isn't blocked. This game has perma death. Make every decision wisely and you may just survive through all 30 levels. Have fun.

Snowbound features

-Overwhelming enemy hordes.

-Perma death.

-Harsh challenge.

-30 different levels each made to test your nerve and patience.

-A viable vitality system, with potions.

-increasingly tough enemies

-ambient sounds and noises

Hey there thanks for taking the time to take a look at my games. Snowbound is my first project ever posted on this site and i'm willing to admit it's probably a damn sight far from the best thing you'll see. This is why critique and communication is all the more important to me. If you have any questions or tips and critique then feel free to leave me an email at meh.metalworks@gmail.com. thanks for stopping by.

Install instructions

This game runs better with a controller.



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